Report from Ramchandra on the devastation caused by the Earthquake 26.4.2015

Dear Friends,
Yesterday (25th April) there was a high magnitude earthquake (epicentre Gorkha district, about 80 km away from Kathmandu) of the scale 7.9. Fortunately Ashram family was at collective work outside while the first major tremor was felt. The buildings were trembling and the walls came down rambling, making all of us and visitors run for life. As we rushed to the open space, we could see our buildings moving back and forth. We were devastated to see the walls of the building collapsing . We didn’t know what was going to happen, we didn’t know what to expect . We just sat praying for the safety of all the people in the affected area. Since yesterday noon we have been spending time in the open space, cooking, eating, sleeping outside. Gladly, no human life was lost despite of huge loss of property.

School Complex :
The walls of the school building has cracked and also has to be repaired at the soonest. The water reservoir (overhead tanks) and the unfinished walls have fallen down and caused water scarcity. The water reservoir has to be constructed at the soonest in order to fulfill the necessity of the water for the whole ashram family. At the moment we are carrying water from a long distant for us and for the cows as well.

Kitchen Complex:
Kitchen complex (6 floored building) which is still under construction has been in use since 3 years. Almost all the walls of the 6th and 5th floor have fallen on the ground in-front of our eyes. This morning we had a close inspection of the house and it was terrifying to see that almost all the walls of the Complex have crack and are not usable until we re-construct all the walls. Kitchen Complex includes a Theater, Show room, Dining hall and Kitchen, Rooms for the Guests and some rooms for the students. Sadly, all of it is not anymore usable because of safety reasons.

Old mud and stone house:
Our first house is almost at the verge of collapse. A part of the roof is collapsed and along the mid of the building there is a crack which may collapse at any time. In order to reuse the house we have to reconstruct most part of its base as it is not anymore strong enough to hold even mild external force . The walls have deviated outwards from its original position.

Boys Hostel Complex:
This Complex includes cow-shed and store room on the ground floor and first floor respectively. On the second floor we have boys hostel and a Pashmina shawl (cottage industry) on the final floor. This Complex is the most affected one, as the joints along the foundational beams have shifted from its
position. Experts suggest that we have to build extra structure in order to support the Complex and make it residential and usable.

The Guest House Complex ,
Mill building and the Main Building fortunately remained almost intact apart from some minor affects.

If you want to help or contribute please let us know.
Thank you all for you love and kind support .

Ramchandra (Chandra Mani Bhusal)
Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir Trust
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